B/w artist & song A-Z

The B sides arranged alphabetically by group name.

American Music Club – Chanel #5
Aphex Twin – Bucephalus bouncing ball
Eddy Arnold – Bouquet of roses
Art Brut – I want to be double A-sided
The Beatles – Rain
The Bodines – I feel
Johnny Cash – Get rhythm
The Chills – Satin doll (Dunedin double part C)
The Claim – God, Cliffe and me
The Clientele – Devil got my woman
Cowboy Junkies – Witches
Del Amitri – Lines running north / Brown eyed girl
Durutti Column – For Belgian friends
Mark Eitzel – The ecstatic epiphany
Emily – Boxing Day blues / Rachel
The Fall – Fantastic life
Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall mix)
The Go-Betweens – Girl lying on a beach
The Go-Betweens – This girl, black girl
Guided By Voices – The pipe dreams of instant Prince Whippet
The Hit Parade – Huevos Mexicana
The Honeymooners – … and there they were
Hurrah! – Flowers
The Impressions – I’m loving nothing
Intastella – The right experience
The Jam – Tales from the riverbank
James – Hymn from a village
Joy Division – These days
The June Brides – Josef’s gone
Kinks – I’m not like everybody else
Last Party – English road film
Laugh – It’s easy
Manic Street Preachers – Red sleeping beauty
Maxϊmo Park – Mary O’Brien
Momus – What will death be like?
The National – You’ve done it again, Virginia
New Order – Hurt
Orange Juice – Moscow / Moscow Olympics
Palm Skin Productions – The sunlight on the garden
The Pines – Miracles / High Street
The Pogues – The body of an American
Portishead – Theme from ‘To kill a dead man’
The Psychedelic Filberts – Rain
Real Foundation – Word to the wise
Revolving Paint Dream – In the afternoon
St. Christopher – The kind of girl
The Semi Colon – Nekwaha Semi Colon
Shack – Liberation / Faith
Shangri-Las – It’s easier to cry
Sneaky Feelings – Backroom (Dunedin double part D)
Spain – Phone machine
Dusty Springfield – No stranger am I
The Stones – See red (Dunedin double part B)
Talk Talk – It’s getting late in the evening
Television – Little Johnny Jewel part two
Toiling Midgets – Mr. Foster’s shoes
Tricky – Aftermath (Mellow version)
The Undertones – One way love
The Verlaines – You cheat yourself of everything that moves (Dunedin double part A)
Paul Weller – The riverbank
XTC – Dear God
Yazoo – Situation
The Young Knives – Guess the baby’s weight
The Zombies – I love you

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