Testament to the slow death of youth culture

Some extra retrospective additions of tune to text.

First, the B side that wasn’t – Durutti Column’s ‘For Belgian friends’The text is over at A jumped-up pantry boy.

‘Slurred and obtuse as Little Richard reading Ezra Pound, there’s a magnificence here so great that, if you had to, you could make the case for rock and roll as a species of art using this record and nothing else.’ – Dave Marsh’s verdict on Dylan’s ‘Just like Tom Thumb’s blues’ in as described in ‘Not the heart of rock and soul’.

I wrote about the Manic Street Preacher’s cover of ‘Red sleeping beauty’ under the title ‘Get down Shep’.  Compare and contrast with the McCarthy original.  And since I mentioned it in the post and because everyone should have the joy of hearing it at least once in their life, here is Big Flame’s ‘Testament to the slow death of youth culture’, recorded for their last Peel session in May 1986.  In it you may notice an uncanny resemblance to Wham!’s ‘Wake me up before you go go’.  (Because of the poor quality of my mp3, you may need to turn your player up to 11 to get the full effect.)


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