One Man Bannister

Matthew Bannister has just released an album as One Man Bannister called Moth.  You can hear songs from this and by his group The Weather here.  It’s striking how Matthew appears to have given his singing voice a Dylanesque reinvention.

For anyone whose thirst for the music of New Zealand has not been slaked by this blog’s Dunedin double mini-series, The big city looks to have all bases and groups covered.

‘In love with those times: Flying Nun and the Dunedin sound’ is a quixotic Stylus piece which focuses on the period from 1977 through to the release of the Dunedin double.  It also gives quick potted histories of Flying Nun groups down the years.  It’s good on metaphorical bio-geographical reasons for the fabled sound, but is another instance of this peculiar anti-Sneaky Feelings sentiment that crops up.  The Sneakys get some of the credit they deserve in the even-handed Flying Nun piece in the November 2007 issue of Plan B, which also goes beyond the lionised trio of the Clean, the Verlaines, and the Chills to flag up lesser-known Nunsters.


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