Don’t send me away

Having listened again to Hallelujah all the way home since I filed my Verlaines post, typically I feel I should have mentioned songs other than those I did, for while there isn’t a weak moment on the LP, particular favourites alternate.  Today they are the thematic reprisal of ‘Death and the maiden’ that is ‘The lady and the lizard’ with its clarinet and cello interludes concluded by the exclamatory ringing of Graeme’s electric guitar, and the deliberate medievalism of ‘Don’t send me away’, where a delicate blend of recorder and Spanish guitar stand in for a lute and prevent the whole from seeming like a mere period piece, even with ‘fa la la lay’ backing vocals and the ‘put me out of my misery’ sentiment.  It’s the prettiest song the Verlaines ever recorded, and at the heart of Hallelujah gives the album just the right amount of breathing space.

Elsewhere, the Verlaines pop up in a much more succinct post than mine at Fire Escape Talking, which rightly points people in the direction of the video for ‘Death and the maiden’ (see also the other YouTube links below).  Meanwhile Alistair continues his fine series of drawings with one inspired by the same song.  And last but not least there’s the first glimpse of a song from the new album Pot boiler (released 10th December) at Flying Nun’s MySpace.


From the Radio With Pictures special Live At Avalon, 1987:


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